Appliances and Finishes BLVD SArasota

Appliances & Finishes

Do I get to select all/any interior finishes?


Buyers are able to make selections for each aspect of the interior of their residence. There are many standard options to select from and if the buyer doesn’t find what they are looking for in those selections, the options for upgrades are almost endless.

Where/how do I do that?


This is done at the BCBE Finishing Touches Design Studio located two miles from BLVD Sarasota. The head of the Finishing Touches team will work directly with the buyers and/or their designers to ensure the residence is finished exactly how they envision.

Can I mix and match between groupings?


Yes. Buyers can mix and match any of the packages that are available.

Who selected these?


Selections have been made by industry-best interior designers.

How long do I have to personalize my residence selections?


There is a limited time to make these selections based on the floor height of the residence being purchased. The lower the floor, the shorter time there will be until those selections will be cut off and one of the standard packages will be installed.

Is there a deadline to purchase in order to be able to select?


This varies on which level the buyer purchases. Give our Sales Gallery a call for more details on the residence you are interested in.