From scallops to sand dollars, Florida owes its diverse collection of shells to the water currents that flow around the state. One current in particular, the Loop Current, flows from the Gulf of Mexico and pushes alongside the West Coast of Florida. This drops off various waterfront treasures on the shores of the West Coast’s beaches, which is why you can find Florida’s best shell beach near Sarasota. It doesn’t take much to learn that the rumors about this historic city’s amazing shelling aren’t just talk. Drop by one of the beaches here any day of the week, walk out a couple feet past the shore, and dip your hand in. You’ll easily pull in a handful of some of the natural treasures mentioned below.

Sand Dollar

The distinctive shape of the sand dollar is recognized across the world, with many going through great efforts to find one in perfect condition. Those who live along the Gulf Coast don’t need to put in any great effort to find one – start looking, you might get lucky. But be careful, look, don’t touch because it is illegal to remove them from their environment.

Olive Shells

It’s hard to miss an olive shell on a Sarasota beach – their shiny surface and unique shape make them stand out like treasure in the sand. Noted for their thin and round design, they’re the home of olive snails, which are the reason why they’re almost always glossy and beautiful. The way that the snail situates itself on its exterior protects its shape and sheen from the forces of nature. Because of this particular form of preservation, olives are often incorporated into jewelry and fashion pieces.


If the name of this shell sounds familiar, check your dinner plate – the scallops that you eat come from these guys! People quickly saw the value in their fluted design, which come in all sizes and colors, and came to incorporate them into their decorations and adornments. Seeing them line a Sarasota beach for miles is a sign of the ecosystem’s health – scallops naturally filter out impurities in the water, leaving it beautiful and clean.

It’s no secret that Florida is known for having the best beaches – for years, people have been flocking here in search of sun, sand, surf, and especially shells. It’s also no secret that the people come from all over to explore the best shell beach near Sarasota. And when you’re done, you can come home to amazing interior design features, natural yet modern elements, and amazing panoramic views. You can come home to BLVD Sarasota.

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Residences at BLVD Sarasota start at $1.9 million and offer a landmark lifestyle in the heart of Sarasota’s downtown arts & entertainment district. With just 49 residences ranging from 3550sf to 5500sf, these BLVD Sarasota residences will feature large wrap around terraces, soaring ceilings, and a rooftop zero-horizon pool to capture the city views and expansive sights of Sarasota Bay. Spacious designs offer some of the largest floor plans in Downtown Sarasota. Residents also get to enjoy a rooftop zero-horizon pool, a wine cellar to store their favorite vinos, and a pet lawn on the fifth floor to take care of your furry friend with.

BLVD Sarasota residents are always just steps away from Sarasota’s world-class entertainment, museums, art galleries and restaurants. A future development titled ‘The Bay’ is working to deliver live entertainment, outdoor activities, and a gorgeously designed social center right to the Rosemary District’s doorstep. Another future development titled The Quay will serve to fill a need for shops and entertainments within the Rosemary District’s area. It’s a great way for small businesses to promote themselves while also empowering Sarasota’s economy.

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