Here in Sarasota, history co-exists side by side with modern-day buildings and technologies. More than just eye-catching landmarks, these historical buildings and parks are noted for having had an important role in Sarasota’s past. Check out what you can learn at these amazing places…

Ca’ D’Zan

John Ringling was the owner of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus that dominated the cultural sphere in the early 20th century, especially in Sarasota. His wife, Mable, curated the iconic imagery that makes up the galleries of the Ringling museum network. Partially because John would have his performers spend winters in Florida, partially because the Ringlings were so charmed by Sarasota’s nature and warm weather, they decided to make the town their permanent home by building a mansion unrivalled in beauty and architecture. With John’s funds and Mable’s eye for art and design, they built Ca’ D’Zan, a monument to the circus that afforded them their lifestyle and the aesthetics that they loved. Today, Ca’ D’Zan is a gathering place for all kinds, where galas are held, speaker sessions are attended and audiences of all kinds marvel at the mansion’s beauty.

Sarasota Classic Car Museum

There’s a certain level of depth that one must appreciate when attending the Sarasota Classic Car Museum. On one level, it is a comprehensive collection of automobiles, ranging from the 1908 Rambler to the 2010 Spyker C8 Laviolette. It also serves as a social center, where musicians play live to audiences at special events. And it’s not just the cars that make this museum so valuable – it’s also a symbol of Sarasota’s economic strength. From its inception in 1953, the Sarasota Classic Car Museum was one of Sarasota’s most popular museums. While a lofty designation, this fact is especially important for the museum’s role in Sarasota’s ‘museum boom’. In the 50s, the town was full of museums, hoping to draw in tourists from across the nation. While many came and went, the Sarasota Classic Car Museum outlasted them with its service and dedication to history.

Crocker Memorial Church

Crocker Memorial Church stands as a testament to one man’s determination in bringing a church to Sarasota. In 1903, a Civil War veteran named Peter Crocker finished construction on the church that he hoped to bring to the residents of Sarasota. Today, the Crocker Memorial Church is a perfect example of turn-of-the-century cracker architecture. When attending one of the many shows and musicals held within its walls, observe the frame made from wood, its simple construction, and the additions made by the Bay Haven Baptist Church when they took over the building in 1926.

Historic Spanish Point

There really isn’t anything like Historic Spanish Point. Described as an outdoor archaeological and historic museum, the park’s location encompasses physical landmarks of Sarasota’s history. Attend a tour that showcases the ways that the Native Americans of the area lived, and even see some of their landmarks. Walkthrough the buildings of early settlers and learn how people such as John and Eliza Webb braved the untamed land of Early Florida to establish a homestead, and later forward Sarasota’s development. Even the plants here helped affect the flow of history, from providing food and shelter to directing the flow and purification of water, as attendees will learn on the plant tour.

Sarasota Jungle Gardens

Only minutes from downtown Sarasota and BLVD Sarasota, the Sarasota Jungle Gardens are one of the easiest ways for locals to access area history. As a relic of Sarasota’s tourism boom from the 40’s to the 50’s, the Sarasota Jungle Gardens combines an older approach with a modern touch. As the name indicates, the gardens showcase exotic animals from across the world alongside tropical flora of all kinds. Having animals wasn’t in the original plans of David Breed Lindsay and Pearson Conrad when they first began work on the gardens in the ‘30s. They had envisioned the landscape to be more of a botanical garden. However, as the attraction changed hands, its offerings changed as well. Tourists were amazed – not only could they witness the gardens’ famous flamingoes, they could also see species of plant life that they never saw before, such as strangler fig vines and Florida’s famed bald cypress trees.


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