You’ve chosen the location of your new condo and now it’s time to decide on which floor plan is right for you. Here are some things to consider to ensure your new condo fits your lifestyle.

Size of Your Luxury Condo

The first feature to consider when looking at floor plans is the size. Specifically, you want to decide how many square feet you need to feel comfortable, which means you need to determine the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need, as well as the additional rooms you need. For example, are you interested in having a home office or hobby room? Will you need an additional guest bedroom? If you enjoy outdoor grilling you may need a larger terrace or perhaps a small intimate garden space is more your style. Answers to these questions will allow you to calculate the square footage necessary to accommodate all of these features.

Location in the Building

Now that you have a general idea of the size, the next step is figuring out the location of your unit. There is always so much to consider—location, prox the mity to parking garage, closet space—all of which are hugely important when finding that perfect place. However, there are one often secondary factors that potentially affect your day to day lifestyle: the floor you live on. So, which is the best floor to live on in a condo? Each option, top, middle and bottom, has its perks. The added height is a great source of natural light along with panoramic views from the top! The bottom and middle floors are close to some pretty cool amenities!

Condo Features

After you’ve settled on the size and location of your new condo, you can get down to the details of what your living space. When looking through the floor plans offered at BLVD Sarasota, focus on every aspect of the layout. You’ll want to consider whether you would like a more traditional compartmentalized layout where each area is secluded from the other or a more open floor plan where rooms blend and have no defining beginning or end. Does the floor plan show large windows or sliding glass doors that will let in a significant amount of natural light? Is the master bedroom located on the opposite end of the other bedrooms or guest suites or are all of the rooms on one side of the home? Both are good options, but the preferred layout will depend on your lifestyle.

At BLVD Sarasota, potential buyers can choose their floor plan & resident location then personalize it with features of their choice and virtually tour it.

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