Sarasota is a land of natural beauty. The city is painted in bright colors and decorated in its unique architectural style, bordered by white sand beaches, and world-class artwork. The city’s history in the arts makes itself into a perfect home for creators of all kinds. As a result, the city houses hundreds of artists, some of them established and many of them are rising stars. Three, in particular, have made their mark on Sarasota’s art scene–maybe you recognize them?

Francesco Agrest

One of the most accomplished in the Sarasota art scene is Francesco Agresti. His abstract style shows inspirations from Monet and Vargas. Agresti’s study under Hunter/Lehman CUNY has led him to recognize what makes the masters’ works valuable and to replicate it in his own pieces while maintaining his originality. The best example of this would be Black Horses. The painting itself consists of a dark shape against a yellow background. When you step closer to the canvas, you can see that the dark shape itself is made of smaller dark shades instead of one large one. Further observation reveals that the yellow background’s brush strokes and other colors suggest the gentle lean of grass in the wind, or possibly a telephone pole in the distance. Like Vargas, Agresti gives us pieces to help compose the image in our minds, but like Monet’s later works, he asks us to compose it ourselves out of the parts that he gave us.


Eric Griffith

 Eric Griffith is an artist of many talents. Born in Barbados and having lived across Europe after he graduated from college, Griffith has an eye for finding the art within a daily routine in his still life photos, or enhancing the elements in a photo to reveal the beauty in it in his abstract artwork. His works have been recognized by the United Press International, Working Title magazine, and in collaboration with textile producer Fabrique. In his abstract works, he chooses to utilize a combination of extreme close-ups and color saturation to emphasize the form and feature of his subject. One could also argue that his use of staging forces us to consider if we change the context of the subject due to its drastic change in appearance. On the polar opposite side of his abstract work is his street photography, which catches ordinary people in their daily routine, while highlighting the beauty. With the playfulness of Sergio Duarte and the honesty of Fred Herzog, Griffith continues to take the art world by storm.


Vicki Chelf

One of Sarasota’s own, Vicki Chelf has utilized her Fine Arts degree from the Ringling School of Arts and Design to create works that play with the images that we produce for ourselves. Her fascination with dream language has led her to incorporate a stream of consciousness/subconscious type imagery in her artwork. Whether you’re viewing her older, experimental art or her modern-day portraiture, try and take a second look. You’ll find that the way that a figure is positioned, painted, or looking changes the meaning and mood of the artwork, as it does in dreams. Take Three Ducks Walked Into A Bar, for example. The cheery colors and familiar shapes of the duck figurines suggest familiarity and imply the feeling of finding a toy from childhood. But when you observe the background of the painting, you find small red balls contrasting against a grey backdrop. You may even recognize that the ducks aren’t from any recognizable toy brand. Much like the subconscious brain combines information from throughout the day to create an image or story, Chelf’s paintings take familiar ideas and stretch them to their limits.

Sarasota fosters an environment where artists excel. After all, what creative could turn down a city where one of the most famous circuses would spend their winters, where jazz music was played, and which continues to support and foster its rich culture today? It’s why both artists and auteurs work to live as close to Sarasota and its arts as it possibly can.

Residents of Downtown Sarasota are lucky to be surrounded a community of artisans and neighbors who patronize the arts. BLVD Sarasota is a new luxury condominium being developed in the heart of the Rosemary District, within minutes of Sarasota’s famed art scene.

The 49-residence luxury condominium is currently under construction in the New Downtown Sarasota and is located on the southeast corner of Boulevard of the Arts and Tamiami Trail. BLVD is just one of the many new and exciting additions to the vibrant downtown arts district. Prospective homebuyers will also be thrilled with the new waterfront revitalization project — The Bay—as well as the new dining, shopping and entertainment options coming to The Quay directly across the street from BLVD.

BLVD Sarasota exhibits stunning architecture with panoramic views that start at 3,550 sq. feet and have up to 5,500 sq. feet and start at $1.9 million. Residents are accommodated with a select set of amenities, ranging from a zero-horizon pool that overlooks the city and the bay to a large temperature-controlled wine vault with private lockable showcases on the fifth floor. Located within walking distance of the diverse Rosemary District, and the new bayside projects – The Bay and The Quay. Right around the corner, residents can enjoy Sarasota’s world-class entertainment, museums, art galleries and restaurants it is no wonder why residences nearly halfway sold out.

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